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Anyone in the world

This workshop was developed between North Carolina State University and anprocampus, sponsored by the United States Soybean Export Council.

40 hours of training, coordinated by Edgar Orlando Oviedo-Rondon together with Dr. Peter Ferket, Dr. Adam Fahrenholz, MSc. Marissa Herchler and Dr. Micheal Joseph from NCSU. Dr. Nilva Sakomura, Dr. Matheus Reis and Dr. Manoel Garcia from UNESP and industry experts Dr. Maria Mayorga (USSEC), Dr. Victor Naranjo (Evonik), Dr. Luis Romero (anh innovation), MSc. Marcela Drago (Evonik), Dr. Camilo Ospina (CJ) and Dr. Adsos Pasos (DSM) also collaborated. 

Thirty-five professionals from the poultry and swine industry from all over Latin America participated.

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