Poultry Processing Basic Course

Basic training for employees working in poultry processing

About this course

Poultry processing is the final stage in which all the efforts done and the resources invested during all the production process is expressed. It is key that all the employees involved receive the proper training for every task, including the correct management of the bird, keeping in mind animal welfare and its physical integrity, which has been laboriously taken care during 45 days in the farm.

This course has 8 modules of 30 minutes each:

- Introduction: general vision of the slaughter process for those employees starting to work in a processing plant, which allows to get a general impression of the process, understand the way a plant works and the basic safety procedures relative to the new working space.

- Pre-slaughter: practices that precede the reception of the birds in the processing plant, which include bird collection, fasting, capture, caging, transport and waiting time.

- Reception: tasks related to the unloading, hanging, stunning, slaugthering and bleeding.

- Scalding and dehairing: operations with a major impact on added value of the final product.

- Evisceration:  automatic or manual processes, key to preserve the quality and innocuousness of final product as well as the performance of the process.

- Chilling: pre-chilling, chilling and kill tank processes.

- Packaging: packing of entire carcasses, considering the different presentations used in the Latin American region.

- Cutting and deboning: manual, automatic or mixed processes that allows to divide the carcass for national and international markets.


8 Modules


240 mins.



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