Introduction to Data Analytics for Poultry Industry

ACPV Workshop 2022


Starting 2022

About this course

The poultry industry generate enormous amount of information. This could be used to register historical series or as a data base to generate information to improve the results and plan future developments.

Analytical thinking sets the foundation for proper decision making. This process should consider the identification of the problem, the appropriate data collection, the statistical or analytical analysis, the interpretation and communication of the results, and the proper decision making. 

The course uses practical examples from the industry and real data shared by some of the main integrations of the world. It opens the opportunity for customized data analytic projects.  

The program includes the following topics:

- Overview of analytics and potential benefits
- Statistical thinking and problem solving I
- Identifying potential root causes
- Software for data visualization and analytics
- Data visualization and graphics
- Compiling and Collecting Data
- Exploratory data analysis
- Data preparation for analysis

Director & Instructor: Dr. Edgar O. Oviedo Rondon

Oviedo’s Lab Team: Maria Camila Alfaro and Gustavo Adolfo Quintana

Instructional Design: Federico Etcheverry


6 Modules


220 mins.



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Dr. Edgar O. Oviedo

Director & Instructor

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Federico Etcheverry

Educational Design

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Gustavo Quintana

Oviedo’s Lab Team

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Maria Camila Alfaro

Oviedo’s Lab Team

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