Incubation Management (September 2023)

Management of eggs from the farm to the final quality chick


About this course

Incubation is the productive base of all poultry integration and all egg producers. A quality chick is key to maximize poultry meat and egg production.

Knowing about egg management from the breeders farm until the final quality chick is obtained is fundamental for all professional and workers involved in poultry production. This course gives an overview of all best practices of each step of the incubation process.

This course is divided in the following modules:

1- Introduction
2- Nests management and egg collection at the farm
3- Selection of hatching eggs
4- Cleanliness, disinfection, storage and transport of the hatching egg
5- The design of a hatchery
6- Egg management at the hatchery
7- Identification of problems during incubation
8- Biosecurity and maintenance at the hatchery

You will also access additional modules and materials (non-compulsory):

-Reproductive System of chickens
-Egg Structure
-Egg Formation
-Embryogenesis: embryo development of chicks
-Hatchers & Setters Directory


You can see the itinerary by clicking here.

You can see a preview of some screens of Module 1 by clicking here.


8 Modules


600 mins.



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Carlos Mario Plano

Field Expert

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Edgar Oviedo

Field Expert

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Nora Ferro

Educational design

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Federico Etcheverry

Educational design

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