What is anpro campus?


Our purpose is to offer courses and training programs that integrate the academic knowledge and the best industrial practices to all the people and companies involved in animal production, and that they can be access from anywhere at any time.


To be the meeting point and reference campus for practical training of all the people that work in the different industries involved in animal production.

Who can be trained in anpro campus?

The training offer in anpro campus is intended for the different people that work in the industries involved in animal production:

  • farmers
  • technicians
  • professional

What does anpro campus offer?

To the participants:


  • Focus on the current problems and real challenges of the industry.
  • Academic contents from universities and practical knowledge shared by experienced professionals, which bring useful high added value information and the possibility to apply what is learned to the daily work.
  • Update and continuous improvement of the course offer and its contents.

Where and when

  • Friendly training platform accessible through PC, mobile and any other device, to take the courses from anywhere, online or offline without permanent connection to the web using anpro campus app).
  • Flexible training flow; registration at any time of the year; training times can be adapted to the participant schedule; courses are open during 6 months for completion.


  • Contents explained in an easy and simple way, easy to understand by people with different levels of experience, expertise and background.
  • Audio visual resources that maximize the learning experience: audio explanations, videos, animation, images, interactive graphics and schemes, reading material, practical activities, among others.
  • Optional: possibility to sit for an exam to achieve a certificate for each course or the full programs.

To the companies

  • Development of taylor-made courses, with specific topic of the company’s identity, for onboarding programs of the new employees.
  • Tracking and monthly reports of the activity in all the courses and programs of anpro campus for all the participants of the company.