Feed Manufacturing

This online program provides an exhaustive overview of the feed manufacturing process, describing each production step, the best practices applied by the industry and the latest technology used in feed mills.


About this course

It gives students the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills about feed manufacturing. The program is recommended for new employees as part of their onboarding training and for those employees that want a deeper understanding of the full process.

The course is divided into 11 modules:

Launching July 2020
- Feed Mill Design
- Raw material receiving
- Grinding and Particle Size

Launching August 2020
- Batching and Mixing
- Conditioning and Pelleting

Launching October 2020
- Cooling 
- Post-pellet liquid Application 
- Crumbling

Launching November 2020
- Packaging and Storage
- Loadout
- Additional Equipment

The course ends with a best practice exercise (students must share a personal experience or indicate a best practice known from the feed industry) and a final multiple-choice exam.


You can see a preview of some screens of Module 1 by clicking here.

You can also see a demo of a 360 VR Tour by clicking here (Chrome preferred)


11 Modules


800 mins.



Meet the instructors


Adam Fahrenholz

Field Expert

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Marissa Herchler

Field Expert

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Federico Etcheverry

Educational design

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    Self-enrolment, self-paced and on demand

    Multiple supports: desktop or mobile platforms

    Available online and offline

    Multimedia content

    Support by the Field Expert

    Technical support

    Optional Final Exam for Certification