Good Production Practices in Dairy Farms

Good Production Practices to maximize the production and quality of milk.



About this course

Several international and local regulations impose a permanent and dynamic challenge on dairy production: obtaining top quality and safe milk for consumers. To achieve these results, it is necessary to implement a series of procedures and working methodologies that allow to minimize the risks and, in turn, reduce the variability of the milk composition.

This course reviews - in a practical and easy-to-interpret way - the main recommendations and best practices that allow to maximize milk production and quality in sustainable production systems.

The course is intended for farm staff and middle managers who take part in the daily tasks of dairy farms.

The recommended practices are organized in 7 short modules:
- Introduction
- Milking and hygiene
- Animal health
- Feeding
- Environment
- Animal welfare
- Working conditions

IMPORTANT: Access to the course, including central modules and complementary activities, is free. To obtain a digital certificate you should complete all modules, pay a USD 15 administrative fee and take a multiple-choice exam.

IMPORTANT: this course is only available in Spanish. 


7 Modules


90 mins.



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Livia María Negri y María Verónica Aimar

Field Expert

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Nora Ferro

Educational Designers

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Federico Etcheverry

Educational Designers

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