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Lanzamiento del curso "Formulación de alimentos y modelaje para aves" certificado por NC State (en español).

El 19 de julio lanzamos una nueva edición de este curso diseñado para profesionales dedicados a la nutrición de aves. Bajo la dirección del Dr. Edgar Orlando Oviedo-Rondon y con la participación de docentes de NC State y profesores invitados, se ahondarán temas relacionados con la nutrición de precisión, la formulación de alimentos, nutrientes, aditivos, calidad de ingredientes y fabricación de alimentos.

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We have good news!

As suggested by the industry, we are now offering new options for the "Data Analytics for Poultry and Swine Industries" course.
On July 19th, we are starting a new edition of the Full Course and 3 new short courses with the different levels included in the Full Course: Introduction to Analytical Thinking for Decision Making, Experimentation for Problem Solving and Innovation, and Predictive Modeling.
Choose the level of your choice or split up the courses at your pace.

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On April 5th, we launched the first 4 self-paced interactive modules. Along the week, the participants reviewed the content and downloaded JMP, Tableau, R and RStudio, the 4 software that will be used during the course.

Today, we closed the week with 2 excellent presentations from Sergio Guerra (Aviagen) and Riaan VanDyk (Alura). Thanks to both invited speakers for their excellent presentations! 

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We finally have all the invited speakers that will be joining us during the virtual sessions of the Data Analytics course. Starting in April 5th! 

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This new proposal developed by NC State will be held from April 5th until May 7th. The course has 18 self-paced and on demand interactive modules, 4 virtual sessions with NCSU professors and invited experts and group exercises using JMP, R and Tableau software. Closed to 50 participants.

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This workshop was developed between North Carolina State University and anprocampus, sponsored by the United States Soybean Export Council.

40 hours of training, coordinated by Edgar Orlando Oviedo-Rondon together with Dr. Peter Ferket, Dr. Adam Fahrenholz, MSc. Marissa Herchler and Dr. Micheal Joseph from NCSU. Dr. Nilva Sakomura, Dr. Matheus Reis and Dr. Manoel Garcia from UNESP and industry experts Dr. Maria Mayorga (USSEC), Dr. Victor Naranjo (Evonik), Dr. Luis Romero (anh innovation), MSc. Marcela Drago (Evonik), Dr. Camilo Ospina (CJ) and Dr. Adsos Pasos (DSM) also collaborated. 

Thirty-five professionals from the poultry and swine industry from all over Latin America participated.

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During the months of April and May IFIF and anprocampus decided to support the animal feed industry with free access to the Good Production Practices in the Feed Industry online course. Throughout this quarantine 410 participants from 59 countries joined this course.


Formal training of our industry is fundamental to achieve sustainable animal production.

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Footage for a Virtual Reality module which will be included in the Feed Manufacturing course by anprocampus and North Carolina State University.

Thank’s to Soychu for opening the doors of their Arrecife Feed Mill.

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Within the Collaboration Agreement between INTA, the National University of Córdoba and anprocampus, we launched the course "Good Practices for Dairy Farms". This course is based on the Good Practices Guide for Dairy Farms developed by both institutions and is aimed to train personnel and management involved in milk production.

The course is free of charge, with a certification fee.

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Presence at exposition with Nora Ferro, anpro campus´ Educational Designer. 

Recorriendo la feria con Nora Ferro, Diseñadora Instruccional de anprocampus.

Percorrendo a feira com Nora Ferro, Designer Instrucional de anprocampus.


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